Enjoy the extended version of a TVC for the recent TIROL summer campaign. Made from other commercials I directed but which are unfortunately on-hold due to the global pandemic.
This film is part of the winter 2020 campaign for Tirol which I co-developed for the creative agency Molle&Korn. This campaign contains four more films which I co-wrote and directed as well. Click here to see the rest of them!
A commercial I made with Markenfilm Crossing.​​​​​​​
This commercial for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency was part of a campaign to exonerate more than 50.000 men which were convicted because of their homosexuality. Thanks to this campaign in 2017 the law was changed, the men exonerated and compensated.
Another commercial for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. In this one a small device gives animals finally the ability to speak.
Enjoy some older stuff on my #throwback page here!