The Earth has stopped spinning in my recent short film. (In post production.)
A recent commercial I made with Markenfilm Crossing.​​​​​​​
This commercial for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency was part of a campaign to exonerate more than 50.000 men which were convicted because of their homosexuality. Thanks to this campaign in 2017 the law was changed, the men exonerated and compensated.
The Digital Revolution is full of glitches in this commercial for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.
Another commercial for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. In this one a small device gives animals finally the ability to speak.
In this commercial for the EVZ Foundation future archeologists discover the remains of our civilization and seem quiet puzzled about the cause of our extinction.
A music video for Ana Bogner. Follow her wonderful work here.
'Auf Augenhöhe' is a fashion label for people of short stature. Follow this heart-warming project here.
This is the trailer to my internationally acclaimed thesis film from the Hamburg Media School.
My short film EXMUN explores the emotional journey of a young scout sniper from shooting abstract targets to shooting people.